A guide to hiring a commercial cleaning company


Hiring a commercial cleaning service can be an overwhelming task considering the different tasks that need to be performed, such as screening the company.  To ensure your facility’s cleaning schedule is in competent hands, it is important that you treat the hiring of a cleaning company like hiring a new staff member. 

Maintenance of a clean business environment is vital to company productivity, and therefore you should ask certain questions when screening candidates. This article will provide information on the questions that can help separate top cleaning companies from those that just don’t meet quality standards.

Question #1: Do they have experience?

When hiring an experienced cleaning service, like futurecleaningservices.co.uk you can be assured that the job will be performed to the highest standard possible. While there is no harm in hiring a new cleaning service, this does come with certain risks regardless of the potential they may show.  Established businesses have better reputations, treat their cleaners with respect, and have a long-standing list of clienteles who trust their services.

While experience is vital to find a good cleaning company, it is also important that the service has an enthusiasm for the job.

Question #2: Do they understand the business?

An important point to consider is the type of facility you are running. Believe it or not, the industry in which you work makes a difference when it comes to cleaning an office. For instance, if you are working in a doctor’s surgery, the cleaning service will need to adopt a different approach to if they are cleaning a call center office.

It should also be noted that the type of building in which your business operates influences the cleaning service you should hire.  For example, the cleaning crew needs to know what type of flooring is available, the number of rooms, and the property’s square footage so they can provide a more detailed estimate for cleaning costs.  Be sure to provide a very clear idea of the building type and the level of cleanliness required when contacting cleaning companies.

Question #3: What should the cleaning schedule look like?

When hiring a cleaning company, you need to consider how often your working space needs to be cleaned. You also need to consider the workers and what times are convenient for cleaning staff to enter the property. For example, schools are typically cleaned each afternoon preparing them for the following day. However, sports facilities are cleaned early in the morning or at night after closing. If your business operates on a 24/7 rota, it may be best to hire the service to clean during a quiet period.

Cleaning schedules is a feature that cleaning companies need to work around to suit their clients. Knowing what your business does and the suitable times is a serious element in cleaning services. A reputable and professional cleaning company will respect the client’s routine.

In some instances, cleaning companies may want to service you according to their cleaning schedules.  If this is the case, you should seriously reconsider the cleaning company.  Remember, you are the client and you should determine the hours most suitable for your cleaning needs.

Question #4: Can the company clean according to high standards?

It is essential that the cleaning service knows what is significant about your workplace, why cleaning standards are important, and what will happen if these standards are not adhered to. For example, if hygiene and safety standards are not adhered to in hospitals and schools, the pupils and patients are at risk of illness and injury. Statistics indicate that over 700,000 patients are infected from dirty wards per year. It is essential that cleaners are prepared to clean the area according to the standards required.

To ensure that the cleaning service you plan on hiring has the correct experience, ask them about previous projects in similar work settings. If, for example, a cleaning company has experience in a school you can be certain they will understand the level of cleanliness needed for the classrooms.

Question #5: What work environment do you wish to create?

When hiring a cleaning company, it is important to consider the type of environment you want to create for customers and employees. This is crucial because positive working environments promote good relationships and productivity. Reception areas and customer-facing areas should be calm and welcoming. Offices should be organised and clean to increase the positive attitude in the area. 

Of course, you should always consider what is beyond cleanliness and what the consequences of cleanliness can be.

Question #6: Are the cleaners professionally trained?

The company hired should employ skilled and professionally trained cleaning teams. These workers must have a knowledge of cleaning techniques, as well as understanding how to use cleaning equipment effectively. Just because the company is available at a low rate does not mean they are a suitable fit. In many cases, you may need to pay more for professional cleaning services. While no formal qualifications are required for cleaning staff, it is vital that the company has a manual handling policy with health and safety regulations.