BREAL Zeta CF delivers £500,000 refinance facility for UK maintenance business


A specialist maintenance company has secured a half a million-pound confidential invoice discounting line from boutique asset based lending specialist, BREAL Zeta. The company provides a full service offering and has a wide portfolio of long-standing clients within both private and public sectors. 

This transaction was introduced to BREAL Zeta by Nigel Barr of Wilkins Kennedy.

Speed of turnaround

The managing director of the maintenance company commented: “I could see considerable potential for the development of the business. Having put feelers out into the market with Wilkins Kennedy leading the process, BREAL Zeta emerged as offering a very pragmatic and proactive approach to delivery. Their experience, and that of our advisory team, told throughout. The team at BREAL Zeta was responsive and focused and developed an excellent rapport with us. Having direct access to their managing director, Russell Gilling, made a great difference. The personal service, immediate decision-making and speed of turnaround I received from the BREAL Zeta team was excellent. I am excited about growing the business further from a solid foundation.”

Partnership approach

Russell Gilling, managing director, BREAL Zeta said: “Having met the senior team and their advisors to understand their requirements, we felt very positive about this deal. We really liked the people and the strength of the business and were keen to back them. Ultimately, it was a great team effort, working with Wilkins Kennedy and the client to deliver the deal and we wish the MD and the team every success as they embark on a new phase of growth.”

Responsiveness proved vital

Nigel Barr, business development director at Wilkins Kennedy, commented: "The company has a strong underlying business base, underpinned by long standing contracts and backed up by the quality of the people. BREAL Zeta was the perfect fit and the speed of their delivery was top notch. Russell Gilling got involved straight away, understood what needed to be achieved and set the tone for the transaction, ensuring that progress was made to a clear and sensible sequence.”

Ensuring certainty

Nick Parrett, advisory partner, Wilkins Kennedy added: “Having created the business plan and advised the client, we were delighted to work with BREAL Zeta to support the client in achieving their vision. The hands-on involvement of their senior management team was a key factor with the speed of turnaround for this deal and there was a tangible sense that the business and the outcome genuinely mattered to them. BREAL Zeta are very pragmatic, which suits our advisory style, and they were thoroughly invested in the process, which showed in the care and attention they provided, ensuring certainty of delivery.”