DHL's Saloodo! hits the road in the Middle East


DHL has launched Saloodo! in the Middle East, to provide a digital platform that connects shippers and transport providers for road freight needs within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 
Introduced for the first time outside of Europe, Tobias Maier, CEO of Saloodo! in the Middle East said, "Customer satisfaction is the driving force of every commercial decision that we make and digitalization underpins our approach to continually deliver on that. Saloodo! has enjoyed much success in Europe and we believe that it will plug the digital gap in logistics technology to accurately match shippers' needs and transport providers' offerings in the Middle East as well."
Saloodo! simplifies road freight processes by matching shippers to transport providers, introduces transparency with its tracking, quoting tools and straight-forward reporting system, and enhances efficiency by optimizing routes, cargo and time. With this, carriers can maximise their truck load for greater efficiency and look to reduce their carbon footprint -- which is in support of DHL's aim to reduce all logistics-related carbon emissions to zero by 2050. All contractual relationships will be organised via the existing local DHL entity thereby providing trust and peace of mind to carriers and shippers alike. 
"Even though the UAE is one of the largest logistics markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), there remain untapped opportunities with economic diversification and several road infrastructure investments underway. Equally, DHL's deep expertise in the region and wide portfolio of service offerings will support the successful deployment of Saloodo! in the UAE, and ultimately in the Gulf region," he added.
Saloodo! was launched in 2017 in Germany, to connect companies and transport providers within Germany or from Germany throughout Europe. Since then, the service has grown to involve more than 18,000 shippers and over 7,000 carriers with more than 250,000 trucks travelling to over 25 European countries.
Key Service Offerings: 
Reviews and vets all transport service providers
Acts as the sole contract partner and a single point of contact via a local DHL entity, providing trust to both shippers and carriers
Provides shippers with immediate access to pricing information based on shipment characteristics, availability of trucks and last-booked rates
Offers a single and convenient interface for tracking, documentation and payment processes
Allows shippers to track fulfilment progress and receive real-time notifications via their personalised dashboard in case of delays
All transport-related documentation is easily and digitally available
Platform can be accessed via

About Saloodo!

Saloodo! combines the best of two worlds: The digital freight platform, founded by Deutsche Post DHL Group in 2016, combines the logistics expertise and infrastructure of a global player with the flexibility and digital skills of a start-up. Saloodo! simplifies the day-to-day processes of shippers and hauliers with a powerful end-to-end, digital solution for commissioning and handling shipments. This maximises the transparency and efficiency of the entire transport process.
By offering the free choice of a neutral online marketplace and the security and convenience of a digital freight forwarder, Saloodo! is the answer to the progressive digitisation in the highly fragmented transport market.