Director of Bury based Regency Factors to be honoured at Buckingham Palace


Director of Regency Factors plc Hilary Craft has had a turbulent experience of cancer since 1998. This has galvanised her to achieve remarkable feats in charitable fundraising to fight this terrible disease. She remains undeterred despite her terminal prognosis. Hilary has been included in the New Year’s Honours List and will be receiving an O.B.E at Buckingham Palace in the coming weeks.
Hilary formed Action Against Cancer in 2011, which fundraises to support research to help cancer patients throughout the UK, and indeed the world. Since that time, Hilary has raised more than £10m at Action Against Cancer. Regency Factors plc has supported the charity from the outset to keep costs low, providing key pro bono support for accounting, auditing and admin.
The £10m raised so far is funding cutting-edge research at Imperial College London and the University of Sussex and has led to numerous breakthroughs. This includes the discovery of a cancer-causing gene, and molecules and proteins that:

•            Drive pancreatic cancer cells to grow and spread
•            Decrease the spread of lung and breast cancer cells
•            Act as a tumour suppressor
Supported by Action Against Cancer, further research is underway to continue to build on this knowledge to develop improved diagnostic and treatment options for patients. To find out more or to make a donation, view the charity’s website
Hilary inspires others with her passion, tenacity and dedication to help others, and has consistently given a huge amount of her time and energy to help cancer patients and establish a very effective charity that is funding pioneering research to save lives.