FCI 50th Annual Meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


FCI 50th Annual Meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10-15 June 2018

"Factoring has its roots in the English-speaking world. However, within the space of half a century, it has established itself around the world, building on a solid European foothold." 

The history of factoring in the Mesopotamian civilization, the origin of the word "factor", different forms of factoring known a few centuries ago, the change in the industry over the last few years, the state of the receivable finance world today, what is going to happen in the future of the industry... These are just a few of the topics that will be discussed in Amsterdam from 10 to 15 June 2018. 

This special golden anniversary Annual Meeting has the ambition to be the leading global conference for all decision-makers in factoring and receivables finance. It is an unparalleled event for Industry professionals to discuss, plan and create new business opportunities. The meeting serves as an excellent platform to network and develop business relationships. As such, our meetings bring together the greatest pool of factoring talent and know-how which can be found in the world today. 

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