FCI Certificate Foundation Course on Domestic & International Factoring


Now available in Chinese, English, French and Spanish
Looking for a high quality learning solution to train your team on Factoring and Receivables Finance?

FCI, the Global Association for the Open Account Receivables Finance Industry offers a worldwide recognized online course.

The E-learning Foundation Course on Domestic and International Factoring offers all new factoring staff a comprehensive online introduction to the Industry.  
This course comprises four modules and a glossary. Modules include:
1. Factoring Worldwide and FCI
2. An Overview of Factoring
3. Selection & Onboarding of the Seller
4. Processes & Management of the Seller
Closing date is 29 March 2019
Who is it for?

This Course is suitable for new entrants to the Factoring & Receivables Finance industry and is appropriate for staff employed at all levels within the industry with less than 12 months of experience.


The student takes an on-line multiple choice examination covering the study material. The successful student will receive the FCI Certificate on Foundation Course.
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The next study term starts on 15 April 2019. More information is available https://fci.nl/en/education/index