Free Webinar: The year of SME Banking - 12 June 2019 (15:00- 16:00)


Whilst 2018 was the year of Open Banking, most of the focus was on the Retail Banking business. We believe that 2019 looks to be the year of small and medium enterprise (SME) Banking.

Incumbents, challengers and Fintechs are investing heavily in this space. Join our free webinar to start a conversation and exchange ideas of how this fundamental sector of the UK economy will benefit from Open Banking and the opportunities it will create for the broader Financial Services industry.

In this FREE webinar the key learning objectives are:

  • Open Banking overall scene setting/story so far

  • What it means for SME’s

  • What data will SMEs require from Open Banking alongside the need to produce globally recognised standards as part of Open Banking

  • Why focusing on the SME market, as the next stage of Open Banking, could be a good way forward.

  • However, what’s the role of the regulator and the implementation entity in this space?

  • There is no pressing need to define further centralised data sets and that the expansion of data elements to cater for the SME market is not necessarily the remit of the Open Banking Implementation Entity or the Regulator. Maybe these bodies should be focused on the security, authentication and consent models that enable the service to work in a common manner, allowing the ubiquity of the service to grow as quickly as possible

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