How multi-channel e-commerce can benefit your local business


How multi-channel e-commerce can benefit your local business

Do you have a local business in an area like Crawley? You too can benefit from using multi-channel marketing to expand your customer base. In today's fast-paced world everything seems to be happening on the internet and if your business is not visible on the internet and social media networks, it might affect your bottom line negatively. In order to stay competitive in the digital world, you have to be visible in the digital world and not just on the local high street. 

How can you get in on the action?

Using multi channel ecommerce may sound like a complicated endeavour but it needn't be one. Many of the leading e-commerce platforms have already added the required functionality to enable multi-channel e-commerce to their products, which makes it much easier to reap the rewards of being visible on more than one platform. 

Multi-channel e-commerce can be described in simple terms as selling your products on more than one website, including social media sites. The problem with multi-channel e-commerce is that it requires you to manage inventory and prices on more than one location. Luckily this can all be done easily when you use a multi-channel enabled e-commerce platform to manage your online products and services. 

How can multi-channel e-commerce be managed easily?

Most of the leading e-commerce platforms make it possible to manage your online platforms from one admin portal. Using this functionality means that you can easily update your products and prices from one central location. The right e-commerce platform can make it possible for you to manage sales, invoices, deliveries and payments without the need to navigate to each individual website to make changes. 

Multi-channel e-commerce also has the important added benefit of drawing more attention to your business and enabling you to sell products to customers as they browse through their daily social media newsfeeds. Recent research studies have shown that more and more people are turning to e-commerce as their primary source of goods and services, this means that not being visible on multiple online channels can seriously impact your bottom line and profitability. 

Often traditional and well established high street businesses resist moving to the digital sphere, the simple truth is that the world of e-commerce is fast becoming the new local high street. The phenomenon of e-commerce is not just affecting big city businesses, it also has an impact on smaller companies and towns. 

By opting to use an e-commerce platform that supports multi-channel e-commerce, you can open your business up to new opportunities and customers. The e-commerce platforms that are available to choose from all make it possible to access multiple sales channels and effectively manage them from one central admin portal. You can significantly increase your customer base, turnover and profit by using multi-channel e-commerce without making drastic changes to the way your business operates. 

Making sure that your company can be found on both the Crawley high street and the digital high street can make all the difference.