How to save money on your Google AdWords budget


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Internet marketing can be quite profitable, but a lot of people struggle with finding the right formula. Building a website from scratch and selling something on it will not work out if you have no traffic with intent to buy.

A pay-per-click campaign remains to be one of the most effective methods. However, it can be quite costly, especially for those who have not had any experience with it before.

Fret not, because there are plenty of ways to spend less and still end up with an effective campaign. 

Promo code

One of the best ways to start is by getting some extra advantage with complimentary stuff. You can get a free PPC money with Google Ads promo code because Google provides a code that gives you free $100 in ad credit when you spend at least $50 on the pay-per-click advertisement.

Set your expectations

If you set realistic expectations, it will be much easier to keep track of everything that has happened and focus on the most important aspects of the campaign.

First of all, you need to estimate how many clicks you believe to receive every week or so. Crunch those numbers and see what your daily budget looks like.

Keep in mind, though, that just like any other channel, AdWords can also exceed your budget every now and then. Nevertheless, if your monthly cap is still intact, you should be fine.

Have priorities

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It is easy to lose yourself by having multiple goals with limited resources. If your budget is low, set priorities and invest time on those aspects that you believe to be the most important.


There are a lot of settings when you are trying to come up with the best possible campaign, and geotargeting is one of the first that you need to focus on.

The question is whether you should target an entire world, country, a small town area, or something else entirely.

Smaller area means that you will save money and target very specific demography. On the other hand, you could end up losing a lot of potential buyers. Finding that golden middle is what everyone strives to accomplish.


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Another way to save money is by choosing when you want the ads running. It coincides with your audience. To be more specific, it should be the time when they are most likely to browse the internet. Or if your business has working hours, planning in accordance with that is also a good option.

You can exempt certain days and hours, so the customisation is up entirely to you. 

Matching keywords

Match types are key if you are looking to save money but not lose effectiveness. Since a lot of people are making inquiries on search engines using longtail keywords, you need to study up about match types and make more use of them.

Introduce more creativity

Despite the fact that the most important thing about a successful ad is its message, you might still be limited to a low budget. Therefore, you will have to look for more creativity than usual.


You can make yourself more visible by re-marketing your page on other channels. Since you are paying for every click, extra impressions will not put more toll on your overall budget.

Brand awareness and reach will do wonders for your website. Mobile applications and social media platforms are two of the best targets for re-marketing.

Target your competitors

There is a “target outranking share” setting which allows you to get the upper hand against the competition by using the portfolio bid strategies.

Auction insights can show you who are your biggest opponents are and which keywords they are trying to rank. 


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These campaigns cost money and time, so you need to be sure to keep track of everything that is happening with them. Analytics tool allows you to compare results and measure whether the performance is making you happy.

Unique keywords

Generic keywords are expensive. Try your best by locating unique and longtail keywords. They will have less competition, making them cheaper and easier to rank.

Get rid of underperforming ads

When you notice that an ad is a waste of resources, get rid of it and try again. Ineffective ads are nothing but a hindrance and should be deleted immediately.

Continue learning

PPC is no different than most internet marketing techniques in the sense that you will need to learn and increase your experience. Over time, your campaigns will become more effective and will not cost as much.

In summary, if you are stuck with a low budget but are in a desperate need to make your PPC campaign work, these tips will go a long way in saving you money. Sooner or later, you should reach a point when you are making enough money and can spare extra for future PPC endeavours.