Ideas to invest in real estate business in Glasgow


Property trading can make you millionaire in a short span because of the appreciated value of the land. Everyone can make money by investing in real estate. Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two hottest places for selling, buying and renting flats. Two major cities of Scotland are profitable places for potential investors. Because of increasing demand, lack of supply and rising prices in the property haunts, investors can get the advantage of hidden property gems in Scotland.

Potential investors may search for the next Stockbridge or Finnieston for capital growth and rental opportunities. You can invest in Yorkhill, Garnethill, and Kinning Park in Glasgow. If you want to invest in Edinburgh, Dalry and Trinity are potential places to spend. Here are some ideas for you (real estate investors) to increase your profit.

Earn as a landlord

In real estate business, a landlord can earn a reasonable price by renting out a property. You will make money through a consistent stream of cash in the form of rent. Appreciate the equity of your property over time. You will realise these gains after selling this property. Property can be a source of consistent cashflow and become a valuable asset.

You can do it part-time via a property management company. They will work on your behalf to manage day-to-day activities of rental properties. Moreover, you can run this business from your house. Feel free to set up an office for your expediency.

Flip property

Property flipping is a high-profile business idea. It involves buying distressed homes, fixing and renovating them and sell them for profit to retail buyers. Property flipping may not offer a consistent cashflow just like rental income. It may help you to create one-time, significant gains on each property.

In this business, you can increase your profit by increasing the number of houses. Sometimes, real estate investors flip two homes in a year to earn a handsome profit. It will be easy to grow your monthly or yearly income by flipping houses.

Manage property

There is a misconception that you can make money in real estate with your property. Fortunately, you can jump into real estate business without owning a property. Try to work as a property manager to handle maintenance and upkeep job. Sometimes, property managers collect rent for their property for a fee.

You can run a similar business from home, but a dedicated business location can make your work easy. In this way, you can arrange storage for cleaning supplies, drywall, paint and other maintenance materials.


Real estate investors should find the best deals to run their business. Consistently rising demands for deals increase a new set of real estate professionals. These professionals work as freelancers or bird dogs. Bird dogs are liable to find suitable deals for investors and earn a small percentage on each deal or a flat fee.

The job of a bid dog is not easy because investors will not pay for information about listed properties. You have to find out new sellers of unlisted properties. Bird-dogging can be a full-time or part-time job.

Real estate agent

You can earn money as a real estate agent, but it is not easy to break in this industry. To become a real estate agent, you will need state certification and formal education. As an agent, you can’t work from home because you have to make new contacts and relationships in different industries. To become a real estate agent, check the licensing requirements of your state. Some states require an agent to complete a pre-licensing course. You have to invest almost 60 – 180 hours for this license. After passing a licensing exam, you can apply for a permit.