InstaReM Joins Visa Fintech Fast-Track Program


InstaReM today announced that it is joining Visa’s Fintech fast-track program in the Asia Pacific region. This program makes it quicker and easier for Visa’s fintech partners, which will now include InstaReM, one of Southeast Asia’s hottest Fintechs, to build and deliver new payments experiences on Visa’s payments network.

InstaReM is a leading digital cross-border payments company, with a presence in the UK and Europe, which enables consumers, businesses and banks to make international money transfers at a low cost. As part of the Visa fintech fast-track, the two companies will collaborate to create new ways to move money internationally in fast, convenient ways to provide users with seamless digital payments and money transfer experiences.  

Prajit Nanu, co-founder and CEO of InstaReM, said: “It’s a matter of pride for InstaReM to be a part of the Visa fintech fast-track program. We will draw from Visa’s vast network and experience in payments services in Asia-Pacific and other regions. With this partnership, InstaReM will be able to issue cards for its fintech/start-up partners in Singapore in just four weeks of them being in the program. InstaReM’s partners looking to be a part of the payments and remittances ecosystem in Singapore will not have to wait for six-to-nine months it takes to acquire licence and develop own payment infrastructure as is the case now.” 

“Even with all the digital forms of payment that exist today, transferring money internationally can still be a time-consuming, inefficient process,” said Hamish Moline, Head of Digital Partnerships, Asia Pacific, Visa. “We’re excited to welcome InstaReM to the Visa fintech fast-track program and to work with them on tackling an area of payments where there is still a lot of opportunity to bring innovation to the customer experience.”  

The Visa fintech fast-track program makes it easier for fintechs to access the global Visa payments network. The program is part of Visa’s global strategy to open up its network and support a broad range of players that are developing new commerce experiences. The fintech fast-track program provides a new commercial framework that includes eased access to Visa’s payment capabilities and streamlined processes to support companies of different sizes and at different growth phases.

For more information, visit Visa Fintech Fast-Track