International speakers at the brand new women in business event


Women in Business community have just launched a brand new event – Women in Business SUMMER EVENT taking place on 22 June at the luxury FORA co-working space in London (Borough).

Founded by Raimonda Jankunaite, Women in Business club began as a passion project to bring together like-minded women in all stages of business. With almost 10 years of entrepreneurial experience behind her, Raimonda learned firsthand, the importance of having an unwavering network of people who not only support what you do but also understand the struggles that come with being a business owner. With this, plus a deep-rooted passion for helping women to succeed, Women in Business community was born.

Established on the ethos; Empowered women, Empower Women,

Women In Business Club does just that - empowers women! It is about having each other's back, inspiring and motivating one another through the ups and downs of business, and encouraging each other to keep on keeping on even when giving up feels like the only option. More than just a community where female founders, solo entrepreneurs, and mum entrepreneurs can connect over a shared experience, WIB provides a platform for women to shine. It enables small, upcoming brands, with the opportunity to expand beyond what they could on their own.

Based in London, WIB has now grown to an international presence in just 2 Years. Our online community of members has grown organically from 0 to over 110k followers and 900 club members and continues to expand every day.

Our Members have access to invaluable content, including expert-led online training sessions, blogs, an exclusive Facebook Community, e-books, workbooks and business resources, to give women the skills and knowledge needed to build their own businesses. But what the community members value the most, is the support and guidance they get from one another.

This is going to be unlike any other event ever seen before. It is not just another one of those typical networking opportunities or educational seminars, this event is so SO much more than that. This is our exclusive edition Women in Business event featuring 15 world-class experts and international speakers. We have women travelling from Australia, USA, France, The Netherlands and other parts of the world to be there. It is promised to be an empowering experience for women from all walks of life, where work and play come together in the best possible way.

This event has not only attracted international speakers but also early entrepreneurs in the UK, sharing their expertise and knowledge about growing a thriving business whilst also juggling everything life throws at us. It is truly a launch pad for women to take their businesses and careers to the next level.

Details of Women in Business event can be found via our website below as well as our EventBrite page.