Job Vacancy: Relationship Manager - Invoice Finance - Guildford - Metro Bank


Asset & Invoice Finance


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Do you want to support businesses to reach their full potential? Do you wow your customers by providing fantastic customer service every time? Have you got a brilliant eye for detail? If so, then being a Relationship Manager in the Metro Bank Invoice Finance Team could be the role for you! 

Invoice Finance are able to give our customers the opportunity to improve their cash flow to grow and invest in their business. Rather than waiting for an invoice to clear, we can lend them money based on how much the customer is due to pay. As a Relationship Manager it is your role to create FANS by supporting and nurturing customer relationships whilst preventing risks to the customer and the bank. 

So what would you be doing?...
• Building fantastic relationships with your customers, supporting them with any queries and help that they need
• Providing an amazing customer experience by retaining and expanding your existing relationships, whilst creating new FANS!
• Understanding the individual Invoice Finance needs of the customer, ensuring we maintain the relationship created by the Business Development team
• Carrying out regular reviews for your customers to ensure we are giving them amazing service and that they have access to all of the amazing services that Metro Bank offers
• Digging deep into the customer’s business, looking at any risks to the bank or the customer. Making sure we can be confident in releasing funds to our customers
• Arranging regular one to one’s with our customers, providing a personal touch by visiting the businesses we are nurturing to grow 

You need to be this kind of person…
• Passionate about providing unparalleled levels of service and convenience for customers
• Prepared to stick to something - we get nervous if someone has jumped from to job
• Able to learn quickly in a fast paced, fun and dynamic environment 

And whilst we always aim to train for skill where possible, on this occasion we are looking for someone is already able to do all of these wonderful things...
• Knowledge of the Invoice Finance process, particularly for medium to large sized businesses
• Experience of identifying and meeting customer's Invoice Finance needs whilst resolving complex queries
• Able to build amazing relationships with colleagues and customers so that we make the right decision for our customers every time