Launch of World of Open Account


Launching July 2018, there’s a new organisation to represent the interests of everyone involved in the world of open account receivables finance. 

World of Open Account (WOA) is a unique new venture which provides the opportunity for individuals, provider businesses and support companies to participate in a community-based group that will engage, inspire and innovate. 

Open and accessible for all, its mission is to be the global collaborative competence centre for better, safer and more productive Receivables financing. 

Inspired by acknowledged Industry expert and association leader, Erik Timmermans, the organisation brings together knowledge and capability with support and input from a broad base of well-known and respected Industry leaders. 

This new initiative offers cost-effective digital access to network, knowledge and support with a unique focus on community-based collaboration. 

If you want to be part of a new wave organisation that is inclusive, innovative, intelligent, cooperative, cost-effective and credible, then WOA is for you. 

For the full WOA presentation please see:

You can express your interest through and by contacting