Liberis partners with Store Excel in significant boost to the UK’s independent retailer market


Liberis, a leading alternative finance provider for the UK’s SMEs has today announced its partnership with Store Excel; an independent community of over 8,000 convenience store retailers across the UK.

Embarking on a 16-week trial, Store Excel has made it possible for its retail community to access Liberis’ simpler, smarter funding options directly when looking to support business growth, stock purchases and cashflow management. A first of its kind deal for the fastest growing retail sector in the UK, Liberis again steps forward as a pioneer of alternative financing services with its Business Cash Advance that links repayment directly to a business’ daily credit and debit card takings.

Liberis is the only alternative funder committed to providing such a flexible offering to the UK’s independent retailers, a market which has previously been on the receiving end of neglected financial assistance.

The partnership is set to drastically enhance the benefits to the independent retailers of operating within Store Excel’s community. Working with Liberis has the capacity to drive more independent retailers to the network, therefore improving the commercial partner offerings, website content and the added value of the advice and education. This will also likely lead to greater growth within the sector itself.

Of the partnership, Rob Straathof CEO of Liberis, says: “We’re delighted to have the exciting opportunity to work alongside Store Excel’s community of convenience store retailers. The partnership will give us invaluable insight into the operations of Excel’s retailers to help us reach more businesses, with better finance offerings. It’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along all too often and we’re ready and raring to help even more small business owners obtain the funding they require to thrive. There’s plenty we can learn from the community and plenty we can offer it in return, it’s going to be a highly prosperous partnership for all parties.”

David Gilroy, owner of Store Excel says: “The partnership with Liberis is all about enhancing the prosperity of our client’s intra-business communications. Invigorating the services we offer our network, Store Excel is now equipped with a greater depth of guidance, advice and education; strengthening our ability to offer impactful retail strategy. We look to connect our clients with others across the community, as well as with suppliers who can develop the efficiency and profitability of the businesses. Liberis is a perfect fit for both Store Excel and our network, and we’re looking forward to achieving our objectives alongside their expertise.”