Mike Vince launches his own business to provide this service


Mike Vince has more than 30 years experience in the invoice finance Industry, most recently as MD of Innovation Finance. His career has taken him from Lloyds International Factors to Barclays, Close Brothers and Nucleus Commercial Finance.

In that time, he has worked in client management, credit and risk, new business sanction, sales and sales management.

“In my role with Innovation, I spoke regularly with many of my peers throughout the industry. There is a widely held perception that “good” IF sales people are hard to find.  The solution appears as a recruitment dynamic. High performing sales people are headhunted; salaries and expectations spiral
I recognise there is always a movement in sales staff but training to improve your sales team’s skillset is a strategic alternative to headhunting. Also you could be planning to expand your team because of growth. Continuous progressive learning keeps you ahead of the curve. Simply put, a sales person’s job is to sell and learn to sell better. 

"I couldn’t find anyone who offered a service to evaluate and train IF sales teams, so I have launched my business to provide this alternative. Training delivered by someone with industry experience will be able to target relevant improvements. That is what I offer.”

Mike’s business: MRVince ltd will also deliver training and sales skills to client-facing staff to help with negotiation and client retention. An additional benefit may spin out: recognition and development of new sales talent coming from within the company.

“Sales training for non-sales people has a whole raft of merits. One of these is the strategic potential to talent spot those whose future lies in your business development effort. Having such progressive career opportunity is a viable alternative to buying in outsiders. Its important that your talented people have a training programme to nurture and develop their skills, not just by learning “on the job.”

"I have developed my product range to deliver a wide choice, as I know that each business has different challenges. After an initial consultation I will create then deliver a bespoke and progressive programme that complements my customer’s existing staff development and helps them realise their sales objectives.”