Mint Bridging offers financial support to Amicus Property Finance


In reaction to the recent news that Amicus Property Finance has halted lending after failing to confirm vital investments, Mint Bridging announces that it is keen to make a strategic investment in the company and will equally consider the acquisition of its entire loan book.

Mint has achieved sustained year on year growth since its launch in 2011 and is actively pursuing opportunities to increase its operation and market share, believing the industry is due for consolidation.  Mint Bridging has already offered to help Amicus by reviewing loan enquiries that Amicus cannot honour, specifically loans that require urgent attention. 

Managing director, Andrew Lazare confirmed, “We’ve achieved unprecedented organic growth and continue to advance within the industry. Mint Bridging are now pursuing new opportunities, including acquiring other lenders or their loan books. We have a powerful entrepreneurial team and our private funding model gives us the unique leverage to act on investments or buy outs when we see them. Our objective is that by working alongside our peers, we can help strengthen the industry.”

This strategy will allow Mint Bridging to broaden their product offering, diversify their geographical spread of loans and increase their client base while supporting short term lenders. Mint Bridging welcomes the opportunity to talk with Amicus and discuss how they can assist them during this transition period. Mint has significant capital, a strong team of employees & advisors and can provide stability and assurance to stakeholders.