Newable to unlock British SME growth with America Made Easy initiative


Newable, the provider of responsible finance, business advice and premises to SMEs, has launched America Made Easy, an innovative partnership with leading American business services firm Avitus Group.

America Made Easy offers a hassle-free, one stop shop for UK companies looking to ‘land and expand’ into the United States.  The service, which has been designed to offer a flexible, turnkey solution to US expansion, is expected to unlock significant growth for some of the 5.7 million SMEs which form the backbone of the British economy, into the UK’s number one export market.

America Made Easy will provide all the advantages of expanding into the US market without any of the regulatory or administrative responsibility, or long-term risk. Clients will have access to a team of local experts at all stages of the cycle, from initial consultancy, through to scaling up for long term growth and success.  The offer will include – but is not limited to – identifying the best location, managing the entire recruitment process, handling all HR and payroll related issues and offering support in IT and marketing. The client pays a single monthly fee, allowing clear forecasting and cash flow management as they embark on the exciting new venture.

After a successful soft landing phase, the UK company can then choose to expand further, with Avitus helping to navigate each state’s legal system, as well as further HR, marketing, payroll and tax support.

The 350-strong Newable is no stranger to facilitating successful overseas trade. As a leading delivery partner for the Department for International Trade, in 2018 it supported nearly 10,000 UK businesses with their export drives generating £2.5bn of new business. The US represents an important part of the UK’s export agenda, with official HMRC figures reporting that in 2018, 36,000 British businesses were exporting goods to the U.S alone and contributed to a booming state-side economy that is forecasted to grow by 2.3% in 2019. 

Chris Manson, chief executive officer of Newable, comments: “America Made Easy will allow SMEs to focus on the thing that matters most – running their business without worrying about the complexities that come with starting in a new territory, particularly the US which unlike the U.K has vast nuances in terms of laws and processes across its states. The unique co-employment model means that we will take on the heavy lifting and responsibility, allowing these businesses to thrive.”

“Much has been said about the historical ‘special relationship’ between the two nations and it is clear that there is wealth of opportunity for British businesses looking to expand and make a success over the pond. SMEs currently make up over 99% of all U.K businesses, forming the backbone of the economy and often delivering innovation that is lacking from larger businesses – so it is vital that we empower them to thrive. The added current impact of Brexit uncertainty means that we are starting to see more businesses looking further afield than Europe for their growth plans.”

Josh Balster, executive vice president of Avitus Group, comments: “Avitus Group exists to help businesses simplify, strengthen and grow by taking care of administrative services.  America Made Easy will become a natural extension of this, allowing UK businesses to break into the US market while we take care of the details. In Newable, we have an extremely capable partner with an exceptional track record in facilitating successful exports.”