Skipton Business Finance launches £40m fund to assist recruitment companies


The recruitment industry, particularly e-recruitment, is growing year on year and in the current economic uncertainty many recruitment agencies are struggling to find sufficient funding that they need to develop.  

As businesses in the recruitment industry make up a large portfolio of clients at Skipton Business Finance, they feel they have the right experience to pledge the fund and aim to make sure they are helping to contribute towards the success and growth of such businesses.  

Managing director, Greg Bell said: “Skipton Business Finance is proud to be offering this amount of money for recruitment businesses. This scheme can give a business the support it needs to transform and we are proud to be involved in this process.”

We have assisted a number of recruitment businesses who have opted to use one of our invoice finance solutions, subsequently helping their growth.”

This industry is important to us, so we want to encourage business growth in this area by offering this fund to them.”