The Land Rover Story


By Dave Phillips

ISBN: 978 1 910505 35 9
EVRO Publishing

There have been many books written about Land Rover, a brand that has been stoically British for much of its history, despite foreign ownership in recent years.

 It is also a brand that has been in the news a lot, notably this year, when it reported one of the biggest financial losses of its existence. 

Its author, Dave Phillips, is a total fan of the brand, which is not always a great indicator of competent content but he is a skilled journalist and former editor of both Land Rover Owner International and Land Rover Monthly magazines. 

The simple truth is, what he does not know about Land Rover would be hardly worth incorporating within this hardback book’s 312pp. 

Amazingly, I found that its content was pacey enough that it was hard to put down, once I had started to review it.

 There were innumerable details that I knew nothing about and I discovered that it was informative, insightful and written with so much gusto that I consider it to be one of the best single marque titles that I have read from cover-to-cover in recent times. Complete with 24pp of high-quality photographs, the valuable trawl through Land Rover’s decades, from inception to current day, is a sheer delight.