Top tips for ensuring the security of your retail business


For a retail business to thrive, it needs to have an open-door policy that encourages customers to come in and buy. Given such a ‘free entry for all’ approach, the business needs to ensure there are adequate security measures in place. For instance, they can install door security and CCTV surveillance that can help ensure the store is safe without making it seem unwelcoming. Given this, below are some of the things that you can do for your retail business to ensure it is secure and still welcoming to your customers.

Window and door security installation

When thinking of which areas to secure, the doors and windows should top the list. They should have quality locks as well as any other suitable security installation such as Smartlox entry systems. That means that you can have the place locked down when the business is closed and be confident that it is protected from any unauthorised entry.

Roller shutters

Additional protection may be necessary for some things such as glass windows and doors. Roller shutters are an excellent option for such instances. They are easy to install and can be operated electronically or manually when entering or leaving the premise. Ensure that you get high-quality roller shutters based on the grade you need, which is governed by the level of security you want.


Digital surveillance makes things easy when it comes to protecting your investment, and it all does not get any easier than CCTV surveillance when you want to monitor your business. The CCTV will mean you can keep an eye on things during the day and night. You can use it to spot or deter shoplifters as well as know the employees that are slacking on the job. You can have the CCTV systems in several styles that can meet your budget and needs. It can be one camera strategically installed to cover the entire room or a system installed throughout the premises.

Burglar alarm

For some companies, investing in top level security is never complete without including a burglar alarm. The alarms can be discreetly installed are all entry/exit points, and some are in plain sight to serve as a visual deterrent. The alarm system can also be installed in the workers’ areas as an extra measure that ensures not potential weakness exist that burglars can exploit.

Security guards

If your retail business is a massive enterprise, then you should consider employing several security guards. The physical presence of these trained professionals in and around the premises will be a significant deterrent for those that may be plotting to steal, break-in, or vandalise the place. The guards will be on the lookout for any problem and raise the alarm; thus, they also serve as an early warning system.

Stock security

As you looking into security your building, you also should consider doing the same for your stock. The two may seem to need the same approach, but that is not always the case. The use of security tags have gained significant popularity and are often paired with scanners at the exit points to catch shoplifters. The use of CCTV can also help to ensure that your stock is secure. As you invest in such an option, also consider rearranging the store’s layout so that every area is visible, making it harder for shoppers to steal.

Insuring the property and stock

In as much as insurance may be a pain for many, it is an essential thing for any business. You should make sure that your investment is 100% insured against any unexpected event, be it fire or break-in. As you apply for the insurance cover, go over the terms and conditions to ensure that you know which security requirements and other protection measures are expected in compliance with the policy so that it is always valid.

Getting the right balance

Different factors will be in play when determining what security will suffice for your retail store. Doors and windows are somewhat a standard for most buildings and thus need to be secured. However, a security guard may not be a necessity for every business. Therefore, finding that balance when trying to make sure your store is secure is mostly about knowing that you are spending money on the right measures that give you peace of mind when your business is open or closed