UK unemployment figures has decreased


Kevin Albertson, professor of Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University, said:
“It can hardly come as any surprise to anyone that, as migration declines, unemployment has decreased as Britons will be doing the jobs that were previously being done by EU nationals. 
“It stands to reason that, if the size of the workforce is shrinking, the vacancy rate must be growing.
“Rather than risk the ire of the electorate by maintaining high levels of EU migration, the government could allow wages to increase and attract more people into the labour market. There are plenty of additional workers out there who might be attracted back into the labour market if terms and conditions improve.
“I would suggest the government could motivate this further by adopting a policy of flexicurity, as they have in Denmark. Under flexicurity it is much easier for workers to transition into and out of employment without the insecurity around the amount of time they must wait before accessing social security benefits. The length of time before an unemployed person can claim support is a major disincentive against taking short term, or seasonal, work.”