WOA moves forward into development phase


Within days of its initial announcement, WOA – World of Open Account has been creating huge interest - and already eight industry name founder members have signed up to financially support, with more important participants expected.

This rapid response from the open account community means that WOA is now moving directly from concept phase into operational development, with important investments in digital presence and CRM capability.

Erik Timmermans, WOA founder, said:

“The immediate enthusiasm which has been demonstrated by these eight companies shows that there is a clear appetite for WOA to meet the needs of everyone in the global open account receivable finance world.”

A list of WOA’s founding members is available on www.woa.community. It is still possible to become one of the pioneers who recognise this opportunity to develop something new and fresh with the Receivables Finance industry, to be part of an organisation that will engage, innovate and involve.

You can contact Erik Timmermans to find out how you could participate via erik@woa.community.