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This is the 2017 editorial schedule for Business Money magazine

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January: deadline 21/12/16

Business Banking 2017 - options and prospects

How far? Alternative and P2P lenders are proliferating, will they stay the course?

The year ahead, winners and losers?


February: deadline 18/01/17

Have you tried getting a pint in a village, or booking a restaurant on a Friday night? The wet trade and where it is going, Christies report

Trade finance review - UK-based providers are filling a need

The Business Money table of trade finance houses

MBOs and acquisitions - quarterly review


March: deadline 15/02/17

UK - Receivables 2016 the nineteenth Business Money annual review of the UK receivables finance sector

The Business Money Receivables Intermediary Index - how are the providers shaping up?

The Business Money table of receivables finance providers

The FCA, is it time to roll back the tide?


April: deadline 15/03/17

Receivables 2016 - the follow up summary

Manufacturing - who is making what?

Motor business - the UK is a big exporter again

Property finance


May: deadline 19/04/17

Energy – how your socket set gets its current

Retail, it keeps changing?

MBOs and acquisitions - quarterly review

The Business Money All-Asset Finance Conference London 2017 report


June: deadline 17/05/17

Europe - where now?

Owner occupied commercial property review

Property development review, small to medium projects

Sharia finance - where is it going?

July: deadline 14/06/17

Business Money's review of the investment property sector

Rural industry and agriculture – times are hard, is there a future?

Buy-to-let and property finance


August: deadline 12/07/17

Business Money annual review of UK based all-asset finance providers

Business Money table of all-asset finance providers

MBOs and acquisitions - quarterly review

UK infrastructure, does it support the economy?


September: deadline 16/08/17

The UK receivables sector, the CEOs half-yearly commentary on 2017

The law - more challenges but the new laws keep coming

Accountants - the big four and the rest?

Other professions - what is the future?

Credit insurance

The Business Money table of credit insurance providers


October: deadline 13/09/17

Alternative Finance Review 2017

Buy-to-let market

Distribution - getting the goods to market

Property market update

The leisure business


November: deadline 18/10/17

Receivables sector logistics, IT, personnel, funding, marketing, the future.

MBOs and acquisitions - quarterly review

Healthcare - the Pinders review of the sector


December: deadline 15/11/17

Factor Chain International, bigger and better?

Report on the CFA Conference


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