2018 Preliminary Global Factoring Statistics


The first estimates for the factoring industry worldwide in 2018 have been announced today by the FCI secretary general.

The global figure gives a significant indication that the industry figures continue in their upward trend and this also applies to the single continents which individually contributed with their share.

Compared with the previous year’s €2,598bn, the 2018 estimated volume of €2,730bn represents a growth of over 5%.

Europe, the largest contributor representing 66% of the total, with €1,808bn shows an overall growth of 6%.

Volume wise, France (+8%), Italy (+8%). Germany (+5%), Spain (+14%) and Netherlands (+10%) make up for over 60% of the market. Remarkable performance is also shown by Poland (+28%), Cyprus (+27%) and Denmark (+25%).

Of the very few minus signs, two relate to large markets, UK (just short of €318bn) -2%) and Turkey (just over 24bn: -30%) and certainly in the second case the country is suffering high volatility in their currency and indeed in Turkish Lira the volume is unchanged from previous year.

The Asia Pacific region representing 25% of the global with €679bn indicates a growth of 3% over 2017’s €657bn. In 2018, over €507bn relate to Greater China (Mainland China +4%, Hong Kong +14% and Taiwan -38%).

Japan is once again on the way up with a nice +32% with a volume just short of €50bn and India + 6% closes at €4.5 bn.

South and Central America now occupy the third position: a 4% share of the total world factoring volume with €119bn.

Argentina (+34%) and Chile (+16%) lead the way, while Brazil and Colombia show negative figures (-6% and -7% respectively).

North America, with just over €93bn, remains stable with a 3% share although Canada reports a -3%

Africa, the “future” where the product is expected to grow rapidly, adds up to €23bn with a growth of 7% largely thanks to the contribution of the older players, South Africa (+9%) and Egypt (+24%)

The FCI Global Factoring Statistics present on an annual basis the key factoring data around the world. They cover domestic and cross-border factoring volume collected from over 350 members in 90 countries.

The full final statistical report will be released in May 2019 and will also be made available on the FCI website.