Four wise tips for hiring employees


Hiring the right employee is important and will help you and your business succeed dramatically. Here are some awesome tips to do just that.

1. Plan out your hiring strategy

Hiring is a very complex process and a good way to streamline this is to have an HR department. However, many small businesses cannot afford one, and that can lead to a lot of frustration. An effective strategy can make the hiring process much easier.

Consider following these top recruitment strategies to win the war for talent:
  • Set clear priorities for your business: What new staff is most needed? Make sure to set clear priorities so that you hire staff that provides with you with the best ROI.
  • Complement your existing staff: Make sure you hire new staff that has the personality and skills to complement your existing team. Having the right personality is just as important as having the right skills - it is important for new employees to get along well with your current staff.
  • Costs: Keep your overhead expenses in mind and stay within your budget. That might remove some talent from your reach, however, you do need to be realistic about what your company can actually afford.
  • Experience: Should you target experience or fresh talent? In modern business, this can be a tough decision. There is more fresh talent these days than there ever has been before, and that provides small businesses with lots of youthful energy. However, it can mean hiring someone who doesn't have a lot of experience, so be careful who you choose.

2. Spread that word that your company is hiring

In order job descriptions, make it very clear what you are searching for. Having very precise job requirements is often enough to ensure that professions know whether or not they are suited for the job.

However, also include incentives to help you attract talent. That will help you be a magnet that attracts the best candidates. For example, think of the things that make it great to work for your business and convey this to all of your prospective candidates.

Start spreading the word. Put your job description on popular job sites and your own websites. Social media can help with finding talent

as well. Post on your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts to help reach younger talent since they tend to utilise more modern job searching platforms.

Another thing you can do is get an employee referral program set up and offer your staff incentives. For example, if they refer a friend, you could give them extra time off, a financial reward, so some other type of employee referral bonus as motivation.

3. Simplify the interviewing process

Use modern interview processes to save yourself as well as job candidates lots of time.

Instead of having people come into your office for an interview, spend 10 minutes on Skype or FaceTime with them. That can help you find a short list of the best candidates in much less time.

You can then get your second interviews booked. This is the opportunity to meet the top candidates in person and ask about their experience. Be professional when they arrive. Be on time for them, get to know them, and ask challenging interview questions.

Are they enthusiastic? Have they researched your company? Will they fit in well with your team? At times, experience people may be in between jobs, and youthful energy may be better suited for what you need. Drill down until you are able to find your perfect match.

4. Test and prepare new employees

You have made your choice and are preparing to hire a new member of your team. Make sure you have a process for onboarding new employees successfully - you want the talented professional to feel right at home so they can get settled into their new role and work at their maximum performance.

Keep in mind that it is common in the business world to have bid hires. There is a reason for probation periods. If someone doesn't work out you need to be prepared to learn from the experience and move on. Streamline your hiring process even further for the future.