How to stay focused at work


Most people struggle to concentrate on the task at hand, with many getting distracted by even the smallest things. The only way you can get things done and in the right way is if you remain focused through the work period. Managing distraction and learning how to avoid procrastination plays a crucial role in your success or failure. Here are a few tips on how to stay focused at work.

1. Get to know yourself

Most people will procrastinate without noticing it. Paying particular attention to yourself should however help you examine factors that cause you to procrastinate, and any distractions leading to the same. If you find yourself restless or anxiety, evaluate the situation to know what might be causing the same.

Identify ways to deal with these problems. Maybe you aren’t getting enough sleep, maybe you aren’t getting the right kind of nutrition in your diet. Try changing your bedtime routine, or try a Cognitune supplement to see if that helps you focus.

2. Identify what the problem is

It is after evaluating yourself that you can pinpoint both external and internal factors that might be causing this. It can be an intrusive co-worker, a cluttered office setup, burnout, or even lack of ideas and skill. It is after identifying the problem that you can work towards fixing it.

3. Plan well

Almost every successful leader has his/her time planned out. They plan for everything from minor to significant objectives. Learn to plan for every task that comes your way. Planning from start to finish and allocating a timeline for the same would help you focus even more. It would be best to spend ten minutes planning on the task, as this will save you more than an hour in execution.

4. Go offline

Cell phones, social media, and e-mails are some of the leading causes of distraction. Turning these off, or merely going offline can help you focus on the task at hand.

5. Learn to take a break

Experts recommend taking breaks between tasks. This is particularly essential if working on a tiring and time-consuming assignment. Among other benefits, taking a break helps revitalise the brain as well as give you time to reassess or refocus. It also helps you have a clear mind.

6. Learn to tune out

If there are too many distractions in the office, look for ways to tune out. One way to do this is by listening to music using noise-cancelling headphones. Listening to soothing music in the background will help you zone out, focus more, and even cause your mind to relax. Having the headphones on also acts as a sign that you aren’t available for chat.

7. Break large projects into smaller tasks

This is particularly essential if working in an area with too many distractions. Breaking the project into smaller tasks will help improve concentration even more, hence accomplish much more in a short time.

8. Keep the office or work space organised

A disorganised office setup could be the reason you cannot focus well. Allocate a few minutes of your time to clean, organise, and remove any unnecessary clutter from the workspace.

9. Set deadlines

Each task ought to have a deadline. Setting a timeline for tasks (especially complex tasks) should force you to concentrate on the tasks at hand. According to research, 90 minutes is enough to produce quality results. Remember to give yourself time to settle in, plan, and iron out when setting the deadlines.

10. Start early

You may have heard of the saying 'the early bird catches the worm.' Learn to start your day an hour before everyone else. This should give you enough time to plan your day well, and even start working on complex tasks before distractions start. It would also be advisable to take a short break in the afternoon to rejuvenate. This should keep you going through the rest of the evening.