ThinCats provides seven figure funding for child development centre, Happy Little Bunny


ThinCats, the leading fintech lender has successfully facilitated growth funding for Happy Little Bunny, a London-based nursery company with branches in Sydenham and Croydon. This funding will enable the management to redesign and redevelop the nurseries to provide better learning and care to the children.

Happy Little Bunny was established in 2002 in South East London by parents who needed good quality childcare at an affordable cost, for their own child. As parents themselves, the founders understood the everyday concerns of parents who leave their children in the care of others.

Now, some ten years on, Happy Little Bunny has grown, opening a second nursery in Croydon. This growth has been the result of high-quality childcare from the perspective of working parents who entrust the safety of their children with the trained management team.

When the owners were looking to reinvest in infrastructure, they didn’t want to be shoehorned into the invoicing finance structure that the high-street bank offered. Instead, the management team were looking for a longer period of interest only debt that the traditional high street lenders couldn’t facilitate.

Eventually, the management team was introduced to Andrew Tapsell, a business development director at ThinCats, the alternative finance provider. After familiarising himself with the business, Andrew set about facilitating a unique deal that would provide a longer period of interest only debt, giving the management the working capital and the time to explore further funding options. Within a couple of months, Andrew was able to provide the bespoke credit-backed deal the client needed.

Ehab Elalfi, director of Happy Little Bunny LLP, said: “From the outset, Thincats was clearly committed to support our accelerated growth plans. Thincats have set out to challenge the lethargy and inflexibility that exists from traditional business lending providers. By assessing opportunities from a bespoke lending perspective, rather than ticking boxes in a rigid format, they’ve enabled us to focus on our priority, providing a safe learning environment for the kids in our care.”

Andrew Tapsell, business development director for the South East, said: “We are delighted to support the growth of Happy Little Bunny and look forward to providing additional facilities to enable their further expansion. I am proud to support this business, proving that it’s not just the mainstream lenders that dictate growth.”