Top 10 tips: how to get an interview


Knowing that there are many other applicants, how can you make sure you are “noticed”? There are a number of things you can do that will help in increasing your chances of getting an interview. Below are some top 10 ways of getting an interview;

10. Being specific

Developing a list of specific target companies that can be easily identified by the people you are networking with. It can be too broad to try and say “you are interested in working engineering,” and this doesn’t really work for my brain. If you were to say something like “I want to work with ABC Company as an engineer, namely the head of hardware engineers,” this will help me in understanding what you are really looking for and this can also help me think about people I know who work at ABC Company.

9. Knowing your strength

If you want to set yourself apart from the other people, then you need to know what you are going to bring on the table and finding a way you can articulate this. One mistake many people make is not being clear about what they can do that is going to help or add value to the company. Hiring companies are interested in knowing what you are going to offer, and this answers the question for them.

8. Researching your target companies

Get to know more about the companies that appeal to you. If you don’t know a lot about a given company or if you are not interested in working there, it is going to show up in a conversation. If you are excited by the thought of working with the company and you have done some research, then you will end up looking appealing, and this will differentiate you from the rest.

7. Developing a resume that stands out

I have been able to see some great resumes and terrible resumes over the years. What makes a resume great? Its ability to define the problems you are going to solve for a company and also adjusting the resume basing it on the available job. Utilise the expertise of award winning CV services who can craft the perfect CV for you.

6. Developing marketing material

What is it that you can leave the contact that is going to set you apart from the rest of the people they have been able to talk to? Business cards have become a norm, but what about a biographic? This is not meant to replace your resume, but it is a marketing material that is going to tell the story.

5. Calling the hiring manager

You should always be assertive. If you know him/her, consider giving them a call and stating that you have applied for the job. You should let them know that they are going to find you a great candidate if they were to meet you even for just ten minutes. The worst thing that can happen from this is getting turned down.

4. Avoiding reliance on job boards

It is hard to find a job when you rely only on job boards when statistics show that 90% of jobs are usually not posted on job boards, and those that have been posted usually have a lot of job seekers who are taking a traditional and ineffective route.

3. Creating your brand and taking advantage of Social Media

You should try developing your brand as an expert in the industry through platforms such as LinkedIn, and if you feel brave, Twitter. You should also try posting professional and relevant articles that are related to the job that you are interested in.

2. Networking

This cannot be overstated. The most effective way of getting your resume to the top is through networking. You should be aiming to give it to someone who can be able to take it to an influential person in the company and tell them, “I think we need to look at the person”.

1. Following up

All the tips above are useless if you are not going to follow up. You should persist without coming out as obnoxious. Ask the contact the best mode of communication and how often you should do that. You should also keep in mind that they have their own priorities and they don’t have to leave that and take care of yours. While there is nothing you can do that is going to guarantee you an interview, you should follow a more proactive and professional approach because it will go a long way in increasing your odds.